I’ve been a homeschooling parent for almost four years to three quirky, beautiful kids. Before that I was a stay at home mom to a public school kid who happened to be not yet diagnosed with the kind of autism formerly known as Asperger’s. Before that, I was a teacher in the Houston area. I think I was kind of rad at it, but my organizational skills totally blew! I liked the interaction with kids from tough places. I hope that my short stint as a professional educator had a lasting positive impact on them. Before that, I “sold” and “marketed” parking passes for  a downtown Houston parking garage. Oh lort. I’m not a salesperson. That was my first foray into a career after my first child was born and after I’d graduated from college, and man, I still feel bad about that one. Before that, I was just a mom, a newlywed and a recent journalism grad. Before that I was in college thinking about *all the places I’d go* … dreams and ideas that included everything from daring photojournalist, to public affairs naval officer, to following my then boyfriend to a possible job across the country, to peace corps world changer, and there are probably a few more I can’t quite remember.

That’s all my BEFOREs. I know I’m not that close to The After, as I’ll affectionately refer to it. After homeschooling my kids. After my husband retires from the Air Force. The After. Though it’s still a solid 12 or so years away, it’s not a terrible thing to begin considering my options. Ergo, this blog. This can be my home to think, hash out, rationalize, dream, vent, plan, and perhaps share ideas with a few like-minded folks along the way. Interestingly, my “after homeschool” will begin when my kids’ “after homeschool” begins, so I think this will also be a good place to discuss that transition for them. Maybe I’ll have a section for both my The After and their The After. My oldest is 11, and my youngest is 5. No transitioning anytime soon! Cherish the littleness of them. But don’t forget the dreams that you might have.

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Current route plan: homeschool 12 more years, post-bacc pre-med program, med-school for psychiatry, psychiatry residency, psychiatry job in beautiful geographical location