I have a hard time NOT learning about something once it’s grabbed ahold of me. It’s sometimes directly related to my health (childbirth was a big one) or my children’s health (their spherocytosis or the severe ABO incompatibility we dealt with around their births). Sometimes, though, they’re more normal things like the rental market for our next move, cloth diapers (past that stage now, phew), crawfish farming, kids tablets, etc. Whatever sort of strikes me. I’m officially struck by this non-traditional pre-med path to medical schools as well as the next steps. I’ve been on the hunt for information about people like me journeying toward a medical career. Here are some things I’ve recently discovered. I’ll probably continually edit this with  new-to-me information and resources.


Premed Post-Baccalaureate Programs

There are a few types. A program that is one or two years would work for me, depending on where we are stationed when I’m ready to dive in.

Another option that might work for me specifically would be a DIY pre-requisite path. The idea is that I would take classes here and there at universities or reputable community colleges. Specifically, we’ll live in the DC area in a couple of years. I believe I can get in-state tuition in whatever state we are stationed as long as that school takes federal funds. A little about that here, but I’m always looking for solid information. I don’t plan to use the G.I. Bill, because I feel that should be preserved for our kids to use. I keep reading that military dependents can have in-state tuition (only?) while using the G.I. Bill in the state you are assigned..but I don’t know if that varies from school to school. I’d hope using the G.I. Bill wouldn’t be a requirement. RE: DC area, I’ve looked into what science and math classes Northern Virginia Community College offers, but I would probably prefer to take classes at a regular university. I’m just not sure where I could take university night or online classes in that area. [More on my ideas for funding school in a future post.]

  • DIY Post Bacc discussions at The Student Doctor.
  • OldPreMeds.org discussion. Saving to read later. http://oldpremeds.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=10892


Helpful official-looking websites. 

Ok, that’s Step 1. Welllllll…. actually I might have to take some lower level college math first. I need to bust out my old transcripts. I don’t even remember what my GPA was. 

To be continued with Step 2. Allopathic vs Osteopathic, medical schools, and interesting specialties.

Osteopathic Medicine




P.S. Here’s a lovely photo of a crawfish farm. CRAWfish, not CRAYfish. Get it together New York Times.