wed 38Slowly, life is chugging along. I’m homeschooling. We move hither and thither. haha.. that’s such a lame way to say it. 😉 We moved to California in August. We are moving to the DC area in July. We have settled in here, and I do love it so. It’s expensive and more crowded than I would have chosen, but this is an incredible place for more than just the landscape, architecture, history, etc. I made friends! Friendzzzzz.. aw. People connection is so legit. My neighbors also homeschool, and we have become buds. I love this part of living in a new place, the ability to meet new people! I mean, just think about how small we are and how massive this world is. I get kind of overwhelmed by the thought of the scope and breath of humanity. It’s incredible. And it hurts my brain to dwell on it, so moving on.

I am teaching with VIPKID and also am starting with a similar company called Qkids. Also Cambly, but it pays much less. I’m planning to use my new “play money” for a big camera purchase. Lenses too. I’m honing in on a photography plan. I’m thinking.. rich people. I’ll find all the rich people! But seriously, I’m going to find all the rich people and photograph their high school seniors. Also their weddings. So I’m narrowing down my choices for a DSLR in the neighborhood of 2k to 3k. I’m also hearing about a new Sony mirrorless, but that makes me nervous. However, I’m almost old now, and I haven’t really kept up with the photography trends.  I brought my old Nikon D60 to get it cleaned the other day, and the guy was like.. it’s clean enough. .. !  I think he just didn’t want to charge me for cleaning such an old clunker. I’m sure he politely said to himself, in his mind which makes it polite, that I should abandon that one and save my money for a new one. He’s right. I know it. I just wanted like.. a small camera makeover. I do appreciate his reluctance to charge me for a service I didn’t really need. Anyway, so if anyone is reading this and has a good camera recommendation, send it my way. I’m reading blogs, watching vlogs and listening to podcasts… trying to get an understanding of my options now. Also excited to take classes and attend workshops. I photographed a lot of families, a couple of births and a few weddings several years ago. I’ve been dormant.

All of that to say, this is how I will fund medical school. I still want to go. And It’s been one long, but small, year in the lonnnng range plan that I have. I don’t really have any medical anything to say or write about.. It’s just kind of constantly there, a mind tickling companion.

My oldest kiddo is going to start the Classical Conversations Challenge program next year. That might not mean anything to you, readers who may or may not exist. But it is the next age/intellectual tier within our homeschool community. This community is nationwide and even worldwide, so we can plug into a campus wherever we live. Major bonus for us nomads. I’m so excited and nervous for him! I’m actually attending a meeting about it in the next few days. It’s getting real~

So back to photography.  Social media has transformed everything, including the photography profession. I can barely do this blog, much less all the other things I’ll need to do. That sounds ridiculous though. I know I can figure it out. Learning is fun..? Yes. Yes it is.

Oh, speaking of figuring things out, my husband and I and subsequently our 3 children are homozygous for the MTHFR a1298c mutation. I sincerely hope you medical folks, who may or may not read this blog, seriously take a look at this phenomenon. The main thing is that folic acid is tuurrrrible for us. Like.. we can’t process it. It builds up. It’s harmful. Consequences? Yes. And we also just kind of suck at methylating. Folate, however, in its natural or fully methylated vitamin form, is ok. Folic acid is in all the things though, like rice and bread and tons of other stuff. My husband also has the “warrior gene” mutation, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t need a test to know that he is moody, tends to default to hangry, and lacks empathy. Like, seriously, methylation profile NOT NECESSARY, haha. But anyway, this is just a new field of insight in the medical community and unfortunately has been relegated to the often belittled holistic medical arena. I want to know MORE and from all “sides” not just the hippies. I love hippies, btw.

Related to that, I started running. I stopped running. I did a 5k. I signed up for a 10k. I have to get back to it. When I am feeding myself healthy folate via, like, a healthy smoothie and when I’m taking my methylated b complex vitamins, I feel more motivation to get out there and run/jog. This is a huge point of contention within my soul: my fitness. I was so fit in college. Now, it’s honestly terrible. Between PCOS and being possibly jacked up from the mthfr thing, I have some challenges to overcome. And how interconnected is everything? It’s discouraging. So wish me luck. My race is in April.

Homeschool related, I just got the reading program All About Reading, and I’m so excited to try it out with my littles.

Current Teach.

Reinventing Photog.

Future Doc. 


Photo: My lovely cousin’s bridal portraits a few weeks before her wedding.